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The PET Water tower

April 14, 2009

Well, it’s been a while. But after all, there didn’t happen anything interesting to write about since my last post, until now.

I’ve spent a week at my parents home during the easter days, so I had to find a way to water my plants without being here. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts one of my flower boxes came with an integrated water tank. So these plants won’t make any problem. For the other flower box, I took an empty PET bottle, filled it with water and put it bottom down into the earth.

Water Tower (full)

That way the plants got as much water as they needed, while the soil didn’t get too soggy. One (very hot and sunny) week later, the tower looked  still has reserves for some days

Water Tank (empty)

Seems to be quite a good system, so I think I’ll stick to it even though I’m back here again.

The warm weather and the extra dose of sun did quite good to my chilis, the largest Numex Twilight is now measuring about 17cm

Numex Twilight (17cm)

Sadly, my Dorsets only reach a height of 4cm

Dorset Naga (4cm)

Besides, I had both flowerboxes coverd with thick, quite disgusting coat of mold again (unfortunately I forgot to make a foto before I treated it). So the liverwort extract mixture seems to work only temporary. Nevertheless I sprayed a lot of the mixture on the ground to get rid of the mold.