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Seeding, finally

February 9, 2009

As I promised, I’ve begun seeding today. Well, there is’nt much to say: Watered the Jiffies, planted the seed, put them on the radiator. Took some fotos for you, the front row on the last foto is the Dorset Naga, the upper row contains the NuMex Twilight seeds. Maybe I should buy some more Pringles to enhance my heat channeling system. I’ll keep you updated as soon as there’s some green stuff to see.

Mini-Greenhouse - Pringles ConstructionMini-GreenhouseSeeds


Some more or less exciting news

February 2, 2009

Well, first of all, I’ve done some shopping last week and now am the proud owner of a mini-greenhouse, where my plants will live the first weeks of their life 🙂

Mini-GreenhouseI’ve also been thinking about buying a warmth-mat, but it would’ve been at least 20 Euros, so I hope my chilis will be fine with the place on the radiator.

Sadly there they are quite a bit beyond the window, so I think I’ll buy some pringles today and try to build some warmth channeling construction to lift the whole greenhouse a little and expose them a little more to the sun that way.

As you might it has room for ten seeds, so I’ll try 5 Dorset Naga and 5 Numex Twilight, even though I only plan to plant respectively three of each of them. But a little redundance can’t be a bad thing. I hope you pardon me for using this as a perfect transition to my second topic for today: My seeds arrived!

One package of NuMex Twilight, one package of Dorset Naga and the formerly mentioned growing instruction. Quite good to see is the warning in the upper right corner which says: “WARNING: These plants will produce extremely hot chillies. Always handle the fruit with care, especially if the skin is broken. Do not let children handle these chillies.”

p1030206Planning to seed them next monday (and I guess I’ll upload a foto or two that day). The growing manual sais emergence is to be expected after one up to three weeks, while I think it’s about two weeks for NuMex Twilight. Afterall, when the first plants emerge, I’ll keep you updated.