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Fighting Mold, Part 2

March 23, 2009

Ok, it’s been a while, even since the liverwort extract arrived. I bought a 1 liter spraying bottle and mixed about 5 milliliter (however you may measure this) with 1 liter of water. Thereafter I sprayed the mixture onto the soil until everything got wet a little.  So, to get started, some images of the mold before I treated it with the extract

Mold 2Mold 1Mold 3

Quite disgusting, eh? Now it’s a week since I first used the liverwort extract, and it worked quite well. There are still some white spots, but nothing like the fur visible on the images above. If you’re courious about the patch of moss I planted, it’s slowly dying. I think it’s to dry inside here for it to grow. And if you’re curious abouth the progress of my plants: The NuMex Twilight have grown quite well within the last weeks, and even the Dorset Naga show some progress. So here are some new close-ups, as well as some fotos of the nearly mold free earth:

cured earth

Moldfree soil

Dorset Naga

A Dorset Naga Seedling

Numex Twilight

A Numex Twilight Seedling


Fighting mold, part 1

March 6, 2009

Within the last few days, I’ve recognized there’s growing some mold in my flower boxes. Abusing google a little I found out that this might be a result of to much watering, but found nothing about the mold being a thread to my seedlings. So since I’m no asthmetic, I might ignore it.

But afterall, I don’t like to. So I googled a little further and found out that moss, especially liverwort should help against mold. So I decided to give it a try and ordered some liverwort extract from So as soon as it arrives I’ll tell you about the effect in “Fighting mold, part 2”

For today, I just tried to plant a patch of moss from my garden into the NuMex Twilight box, just out of curiosity if it has some effect. Below are some fotos of the patch, the mold and the promised closeup of one of my NuMex Twilight seedling, wich contrary to my Dorset Naga seedling seem to develop really good. To boost the Dorset Naga growing a little, I’ve added some tomato fertilizer (this stuff really smells, but since I dug it that ain’t no problem 🙂 ), following the advice of some guy from the local garden center.

Patch of MossThe MoldCloseup NuMex Twilight

A New Home

March 3, 2009

Finally, I decided to buy some flower boxes and move my chilies from the mini green-house. A few days ago I bought some shelves and handcrafted some kind of podest, that way I’ve got room for one 100cm and one 75cm flower box in front of my window by locating one on the radiator, and the other one on my self-made podest.

Following some guide from, at first I filled some clay pellets into the flower box, to prevent waterlogging.

Pellets in Flower BoxThereafter added  potting soil with an pH of 6.1, following the Dorset Naga supplemental sheet that stated the pH has to be between 6.0 and 6.5 (strangely the 10l bags of flower soil had a pH of 6.1, while the 20l bags from the same brand had a pH of 5.7. So I had to buy three bags of 10l instead of one 10l and one 20l bag, which would have been a little cheaper…).

adding earthFinally, I moved the whole jiffy-seedling packages from the mini green-house to the flower boxes

SeedlingsThe big ones in the front are the NuMex Twilight, in some high tech automatic humidity regulating flower box. Which means, there is a sieve at the bottom whereunder the water is stored with an indicater (bottem left of the picture) showing if there’s still enough water.

The small one in the upper part of the pictures are the Dorset Nagas. Maybe I make some close-ups within the next days, to show how fine my plants are developing.