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Green Hell / It’s been a long, cold winter

February 19, 2009

Green Hell

The topic sais it all, those tiny white points I’ve showed in my last post have finally grow up to some small plants. From those 10 seeds I’ve planted 8 finally have come to life (4 Dorset Naga and 4 NuMex Twilight, so afterall a fair distribution), which means a successrate of 80%, fair enough.

Green Hell I’ve turned the mini-greenhouse, so the big plants in the front (lower) row are the NuMex Twilight for now, the smaller plants in the back (upper) row are my infamous Dorset Naga, two of them still fighting to get free from those nasty seedcages.

Nice to observe how they turn their heads into the direction of the window.

However, they still don’t have any real roots and are kept in the hole by something that looks like dandelionseeds.

The second Image shows a little close-up from two of the plants. As above: Lower row NuMex Twilight, upper row Dorset Naga

Green Hell (closeup)

It’s been a long, cold winter

The february seemed rather cold to me this year, espacially compared to last year, so I took some data from a nearby weather station ( to plot some climate diagrams, comparing last years february with this years.

Below, you can see the mean temperature, as well as the minimum and maximum temperature plotted over the days. The red graph indicates last years february while the blue graph shows the current. As you (hopefully :p) can see, I wasn’t plain wrong, even though the difference is not as high as expected.

Since the day before yesterday we’ve got a largely blue sky instead of a cloudcover and occasional snowing. I hope my chilies enjoy the extra dose of sun. As far as I’m concerned, I certainly do.

Mean TemperatureMaximum TemperatureMinimum Temperature

P.S.: Credits for the topic titles go to Anathema and Metallica (yes I know “Green Hell” is a cover, but I’ve never heard the original song)