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First buds and a lot of growth

May 10, 2009

Hey, it’s me again. Finally I took some peaceful minutes to update this blog again. The last days, my plants have been growing a lot. The largest Numex Twilight is now measuring about 45 cm (and I’m beginning to doubt if there’s enough room on my window sill 🙂 ). The Dorsets are still pretty small and measure about 11cm in height. But compared to the Numex’ they’ve got pretty huge leaves.

Also, the Numex are beginning to grow the first buds. They’re still relatively small, but maybe my room’s in full bloom in a few weeks.

Since there is’nt really much more to say, I’ve decided to deliver a bunch of fotos. Uncommented, but it should be clear, that the huge plants with small leaves are the numex, while the small plants with huge leaves are the dorsets 🙂

P.S.: Oh, nice galery feature. I’ve never recognized this.