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Flowers and bees, buds and chilis (spell: chil-lees, with emphasis on the second syllable)

June 3, 2009


Well, it’s been a while, and it happened enough to make a real long post, so I hope you’ve got some time. I’ll split it all in some handy paragraphs, so you don’t have to read it at once and can come back later for finishing 🙂

First of all some numbers. My chilis have grown real huge since my last post, so the current measurement for the two biggest once is about 60cm for the numex twilight, and thirty for my dorset naga.

A foto from my current little homegarden (as usual: First row Numex Twilight, second row Dorset Naga. And if you wonder about the plant left to the Numex’, it’s basil 🙂 ):


About flowers and bees

Well, I think you all know how the stuff with the flowers and the bees actually works. So I won’t go any further into that part of the story. Unfortunately, there aren’t any bees in my room, so I have to use some kind of replacementbee to fertilize my flowers, and here it is:

P1030528Yes, it’s a cotton swap. Simply put one end into the flower, move it a little around and go further to the next one. I’m using the same one since about 3 or 4 days, which seems to be a good idea since the end I tend to use already got a little yellowish (I’m not sure if this is visible on the foto).

And the nice thing about it: It works. Quite a lot of the flowers have already evolved into something, that seems to develope into a real chili. And since I like documenting the whole thing with lot’s of fotos, here you’ll get one!


What a lousy day

Well, yeah. Take it seriously. A few days ago I discovered some little animals on one of my Dorset Nagas.


The friendly guys from the board helped me by telling me that those little guys are really plant louse. And they helped me even more by telling me how to get rid of them 🙂

According to those guys, plant louses seem to be a common problem if you’re growing your plants solely indoors. Since there aren’t any natural enemies like ladybugs (but hey, this year I’ve not yet seen any ladybug afterall. But I expect a lot of them here, if the summer’s going to be as hot as the last one 🙂 )

So back to the venom. To get actually rid of theese small companions, I’ve mixed water with a little dish liquid, some methylated spirits and some olive oil (the first two ingredients are the actually the venom, the last one just lowers the surface tension) and put it all in some aerosol can.

LausBy spraying the first plant I’ve recognized that there are actually louses on every one of them, so I was spraying a lot the last three days. And even so I thought it’d be little help, after watching those fotos again (which I took before using my self-made venom) I’ve got to admit it helped a lot.

So keep the recipe in your notebook! And now for the event that made me write this entry

Even more buds

Since my Numex Twilight have grown their buds quite a while ago and already developed lots of flowers, I had little hope for my Dorsets within the last weeks. But today, while spraying venom on some louses again I’ve finally discovered some buds grown by both of my Dorsets. So there’s really a chance they’ll grow some chilis!

P1030533By the way, the plant is the same as the one with the louses, so as you can see this soap-spirit-oil stuff really works.